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Access Control Systems

Our Access Control System is designed to provide a seamless and secure way to manage access to your premises. With cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features, we offer you complete control over who enters your facility. Whether it's a small office or a large enterprise, our system ensures only authorized personnel gain entry, enhancing security and convenience. You can set access levels, monitor entry points in real-time, and receive alerts for any unusual activity. Experience peace of mind and superior access management with our Access Control System.
Authentication Mechanisms: Diverse and Robust
Access Card Options:

EM Proximity Card: A reliable and widely used access card for seamless entry.

MIFARE Card: Offering enhanced security and flexibility for various applications.

HID Card: A high-tech card solution known for its advanced security features.

Biometric Authentication:

Fingerprint Recognition: A personalized and secure method for individual identification.

Face Recognition: Incorporating advanced features like mask detection and masked face detection for added security.

Other Authentication Methods:

Password: A traditional yet effective method for secure access.

Bluetooth: Leveraging wireless technology for convenient and secure entry.

Locking Mechanisms: Ensuring Safety and Security
Types of Locks:

Fail-Safe Locks: Essential for locations where safety is paramount, ensuring doors remain unlocked even during power outages, commonly used in office settings.

Fail-Secure Locks: Prioritizing security, these locks remain secure during power failures, commonly deployed in high-security environments like banks.

Types of Electronic Locks:

Electro-Magnetic Lock: Providing strong holding force and seamless control over access.

Strike Lock: Ensuring secure locking by engaging with the strike plate upon closure.

Bolt Lock/Drop Bolt Lock: Offering additional security by deploying a bolt mechanism for enhanced control.

Mortise Lock: Blending traditional aesthetics with modern security, suitable for various door types.

Access Control Logging: Tailored to Your Requirements
With Access Log: Maintain a detailed record of entries and exits for enhanced security and monitoring.

Without Access Log: Balancing simplicity with security, ideal for environments with less stringent record-keeping requirements.

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