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Electronic Door Lock

Prioritize safety and convenience with cutting-edge electronic door lock solutions tailored for both hotel and residential settings. These advanced systems combine technology with user-friendly features to provide unparalleled security and accessibility. Our company offers a comprehensive range of electronic door locks designed to meet the unique needs of hotels and residences alike. Our solutions integrate seamlessly into your property's infrastructure, enhancing security while simplifying access for guests and residents.

Key Features for Hotels:

Card Access Control: Utilize card access control systems to provide guests with a convenient and secure way to enter their rooms.

Mechanical Override Option: In the event of an electronic system failure, a mechanical override feature allows authorized personnel to access rooms using traditional keys.

Multi-Functional Key Cards: Grant guests access to rooms and empower them to control amenities such as lights and fans using versatile key cards.

Key Features for Residences:

Biometric Options: Choose from fingerprint and facial recognition locks for personalized and secure access to residential properties.

Multiple Access Methods: Residents can access their homes using numerical codes, RFID cards, traditional keys, or other preferred methods.

Remote Access and Control: Control and monitor home access remotely using a mobile app or remote device from anywhere in the world.

One-Time Password (OTP) Generation: Enhance security with the ability to generate temporary access codes for visitors or service personnel.

Upgrade to electronic door locks today and experience the future of security and convenience.


1- Mobile app access-Control your lock from anywhere in the world with just a tap on your phone.
2- 360 Degree Fingerprint Recognition-Once registered, sensor recognizes up to 99 fingerprints at any angle.
3- AUDIT TRIAL- Stay updated with lock/unlock records over app
4-RFID Card-Register up to 99 cards for multiple user access
5- Mechanical key-Incase of emergency the lock can be opened with mechanical key.
6-BUILT-IN-WIFI-Aids customers to access lock remotely.
7-OTP- One time passcode can be generated through mobile, to restrict the access for one time usage.
8-Time Limited Password- Passcode(PIN) can be generated through mobile app to access the lock for limited time duration.
9-Privacy Function-If the privacy button is on, the lock can’t be opened from outside by Finger print, RFID card, or PIN. Only mechanical override and master password is possible.
10-Anti-Prank Alarms-Lock stops functioning for 3 minutes after 3 failed attempts and generates a series of alarms.
11-Low Battery Indication-A beep sound alerts you in advance with LED indication to replace the battery.
12-Multi level Volume Control-Adjust volume with mute function for silent operations.
13-Wrong Password Indication-Wrong password will give a beep sound.
14-AA Battery-Provides stronger discharge currents and battery life giving the lock to operate for longer duration.
15-Emergency Micro USB- In case the battery is completely discharged, external Power Bank can be used to provide emergency power supply to operate the lock.

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