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Telephone Systems

Baker & Grey provides end-to-end services covering the supply, design, installation, and maintenance of telephone systems for corporates, offices, SMEs, hotels, schools, colleges, hospitals, factories, retail stores, and various commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Explore a range of telephone solutions, including IPBAX systems, EPBAX systems, video conference systems, wireless telephone systems, and SIP phones, ensuring flexibility and scalability for your communication infrastructure.

Unique Features:

Global Connectivity:
Connect with your office intercom system from anywhere in the world using your mobile device, ensuring you stay linked even on the go.

Effortless Announcements:
Make announcements seamlessly through your PA system via intercom, providing a convenient and efficient way to broadcast messages.

Remote Door Unlocking:
Enjoy the convenience of unlocking doors using your telephone system, adding an extra layer of security and accessibility to your space.

Baker & Grey is committed to bringing innovation to your communication experience. Our Telephone Systems not only connect but empower you with features designed to enhance efficiency in every call. Choose Baker & Grey for Telephone Systems that not only connect but redefine the way you communicate, introducing innovative features for enhanced connectivity.

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